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Nearly 50 LFP Projects In H1 Will Be Intensively Expanded

According to incomplete statistics, from January to June 2022, there were as many as 47 projects involving iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate in China, involving 6.06 million tons of iron phosphate and 6.72 million tons of lithium iron phosphate. Since 2022, the enthusiasm for the expansion of lithium iron phosphate has continued unabated. Stimulated

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lithium ion batteries of bms

Exploring the BMS Core Technology Behind Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric vehicles are a major trend of the future, and battery management system technology is a key enabler. For decades, the auto industry has been slowly consolidating, while technology and brand differentiation has diminished. The powertrain, the system that converts energy into motion, is arguably the most valuable intellectual property of an automaker, having undergone

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