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Operation Of The Lithium-ion Battery Industry In The First Half Of 2022

In the first half of 2022, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry has achieved rapid growth, led by the carbon neutrality goal of carbon peak and driven by strong downstream demand. According to industry standard announcements of enterprise information and industry associations, the national lithium-ion battery output in the first half of the year exceeded 280GWh,

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EU battery industry warns of lithium regulations

EU Battery Industry Warns Of Lithium Regulations

In a letter to EU lawmakers, seven industry groups warned that the EU’s listing of lithium as a hazardous substance would delay its energy transition and weaken Europe’s position in the electric vehicle (EV) race. As seen in Argus’ letter, European Battery Recycling Association, European Geothermal Energy Council, Eurobat, Eurometaux, Euromines, international Lithium Groups such

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module pack

The module Pack molding process has a huge impact

For the new battery pack technology, whether it is MTP (Module to Pack), or from CTP (Cell to Pack) to CTC (Cell To Chassis), the trend is that the degree of integration continues to increase. With the launch of blades and Kirin batteries, it has a huge impact on the module Pack molding process in

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high capacity silicon anode

LMFP, Becomes Alternative To Lifepo4 Material

Abstract: On the eve of “mass production” of lithium iron manganese phosphate, listed companies are scrambling to reserve production capacity. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have now become the mainstream battery category for new energy vehicles, with a market share of about 60%. However, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate cathodes is close to the

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lifepo4 battery

New Upgrade of Lithium-ion Battery Materials

Abstract: Focusing on ternary cathode materials, high nickel, high voltage, and single crystal become the trend. Ternary cathode materials are constantly being upgraded.The new energy market has ushered in an inflection point, and the penetration rate of electric vehicles has continued to increase. According to data from the China Automobile Association, from January to June

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