The Role of Energy Storage in Electricity Consumption

The power consumption side is the terminal of electricity use, and the user is the consumer and user of electricity. The cost and income of the power generation and transmission and distribution side are expressed in the form of electricity price, which is converted into the user’s cost. Therefore, the level of electricity price will affect the user’s cost. need.

Time-of-use electricity price management for users

The power sector divides 24 hours a day into multiple time periods such as peak, flat, and low, and sets different electricity price levels for each time period, which is the time-of-use electricity price. User time-of-use electricity price management is similar to energy time shifting, the only difference is that user time-of-use electricity price management is based on the time-of-use electricity price system to adjust the power load, while energy time-shifting is to adjust the power generation according to the power load curve.

Capacity Charge Management

My country implements a two-part electricity price system for large industrial enterprises in the power supply sector: the electricity price refers to the electricity price charged according to the actual transaction electricity, and the capacity electricity price mainly depends on the highest value of the user’s power consumption. Capacity cost management refers to reducing the capacity cost by reducing the maximum power consumption without affecting normal production. Users can use the energy storage system to store energy during the low power consumption period and discharge the load during the peak period, thereby reducing the overall load and achieving the purpose of reducing capacity costs.

Improve power quality

Due to the variable nature of the operating load of the power system and the non-linearity of the equipment load, the power obtained by the user has problems such as voltage and current changes or frequency deviations. At this time, the quality of the power is poor. System frequency modulation and reactive power support are ways to improve power quality at the power generation side and transmission and distribution side. On the user side, the energy storage system can also smooth voltage and frequency fluctuations, such as using energy storage to solve problems such as voltage rise, dip, and flicker in the distributed photovoltaic system. Improving power quality is a typical power application. The specific discharge market and operating frequency vary according to the actual application scenario, but generally the response time is required to be at the millisecond level.

Improve power supply reliability

Energy storage is used to improve the reliability of micro-grid power supply, which means that when a power failure occurs, the energy storage can supply the stored energy to end users, avoiding power interruption during the fault repair process, and ensuring power supply reliability. The energy storage equipment in this application must meet the requirements of high quality and high reliability, and the specific discharge time is mainly related to the installation location.

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