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A car start-stop battery is a vital piece of car equipment.
It helps to keep the car engine going while the car is idling.
This is especially important in stop-and-go traffic or when the car is sitting in a parking lot.
The battery provides the power needed to start the car engine and keep it running while the car is not moving.
Are you in the market for a car start-stop battery?
If so, we are the manufacturer you’re looking for!
We are proud to produce the highest quality car start-stop batteries in the industry.
Our batteries are designed to maximize performance and longevity, and our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have.
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car start-stop batteries

What is a car start-stop battery?​

– Our car start-stop battery is a type of car battery that enables a car to start quickly and efficiently.
– Our car start-stop battery is a lithium-ion battery.
– That is designed to be discharged and recharged frequently.
– Start-stop batteries are used in cars with start-stop technology, which turns the engine off when the car is idling and restarts it when the driver wants to move again.
– This can help to save fuel and reduce emissions.
– Start-stop batteries must be able to withstand repeated deepest discharge cycles and not reduce their life span.
– To meet these demands, start-stop batteries typically have thicker plates and a higher level of active material than standard car batteries.

Product Advantages​

1. Long lifespan: The lifespan of lifepo4 can reach about 3000 times.
2. Safety & Security: LiFePO4 has excellent stability. For example, it can keep cool in high-temperature conditions.
3. Promote engine to reduce fuel consumption: Lithium iron phosphate has a lower internal resistance, and a higher current allows the spark plug to generate higher electrical energy.
4. High energy density: Lithium iron phosphate batteries of the same volume are 50% larger and 70% lighter than lead-acid batteries in terms of capacity and weight.
5. Good high-temperature performance: The peak value of lifepo4 battery-electric heating can reach 350℃ to 500℃. The operating temperature range of Lifepo4 is -20°C-80°C, while the operating temperature range of lead-acid batteries is -20°C-50°C.
6. Scientific & Environment Friendly: LiFePO4 batteries do not contain any weight or rare metals.

start-stop battery for car

Car Start-Stop Batteries Comparison

Featured Products
Introduction 12.8V 45Ah 12.8V 60Ah 12.8V 75Ah 12.8V 90Ah
Model H5 45L T2 H5 60L T2 H5 75L T2 H5 90L T2
Nominal voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
Max. Charge voltage 14.6V 14.6V 14.6V 14.6V
Rated capacity(0.5C) 45Ah 60Ah 75Ah 90Ah
Energy 576Wh 768Wh 960Wh 1152Wh
Cold Cranking Current CCA 495A 660A 825A 990A
Cell type LifePO4 LifePO4 LifePO4 LifePO4
Weight ≈4.26kg/9.39lbs ≈5.97kg/13,16lbs ≈6.71kg/14.79lbs ≈7.79kg/17.17lbs
Size 197*128*200mm 244*176*190mm 278*176*172mm 244*176*190mm
Cycle life >=3000 >=3000 >=3000 >=3000
Charge temperature 0~45ºC 0~45ºC 0~45ºC 0~45ºC
Discharge temperature -10-85℃ -10-85℃ -10-85℃ -10-85℃
Recommend Charge Current 23A 30A 38A 45A
Max. Charge Current 45A 60A 75A 90A
Introduction 12.8V 105Ah 12.8V 120Ah 12.8V 165Ah
Model H6 105L T2 H7 120L T2 H7 165L T2
Nominal voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
Max. Charge voltage 14.6V 14.6V 14.6V
Rated capacity(0.5C) 105Ah 120Ah 165Ah
Energy 1344Wh 1536Wh 2112Wh
Cold Cranking Current CCA 1155A 1320A 1815A
Cell type LifePO4 LifePO4 LifePO4
Weight ≈8.93kg/19.69lbs ≈10.22kg/22.53lbs ≈13.98kg/30.82lbs
Size 279*175*189mm 318*176*187mm 318*176*187mm
Cycle life >=3000 >=3000 >=3000
Charge temperature 0~45ºC 0~45ºC 0~45ºC
Discharge temperature -10-85℃ -10-85℃ -10-85℃
Recommend Charge Current 53A 60A 83A
Max. Charge Current 105A 120A 165A

Frequently Asked Questions.

Lead acid battery lifesan is 250-300 cybles while LiFePO4 lifespan is about 3000 cycles.

The battery runs out its energy without driving the car for weeks, the lead acid battery would probably die after that, but the LiFePO4 battery can be used after recharging, and it doesn’t affect its lifespan.

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) has excellent thermal and chemical stability, This battery stays cool in higher temperatures.
It is also incombustible when it is mishandled during rapid charges and discharges or when there are short circuit issues.
Lithium iron phosphate does not normally experience thermal runaway, as the phosphate cathode will not burn or explode during overcharging or overheating as the battery remains cool.

1. Promote engine reduce fuel consumimg.
The lower LiFePO4 internal resistance and higher output current make the spark plug create higher electricity, quickly ignite and engine, completely combust the fuel.

2. High energy density
The capcity of the same volume of LiFePO4 battery is 50% more than the capacity of lead acid battery.
The weight of the same volume of LiFePO4 battery is 70% less than the weight of lead acid battery.

3. Good high temperature performance
The peak value of LiFePO4 battery electric heating can reach 350 ℃ to 500 ℃
Lithium manganese oxide and Lithium cobalt oxide around 200 ℃
The operating temperature range of LiFePO4 battey is -20 ℃-80 ℃
The operating temperature range of lead acid battery is –20 ℃-50 ℃.

4. Reduce vehicle weight
The lithium iron phosphate battery weighs 70% less than lead acid battery, so that the vehicle can accelerate faster and comsume less fuel.

5. Improve sound quality
The battery’s internal resistance is low and the transient output power is large, which can fully meet the requirements of the speaker for instanlaneous high current power supply, making the mid-bass thicker and the treble more transparrent.

Scientific & Environment Friendly
Lithium iron phosphate battery doesn’t contain any heavy metals or rare metals, is non-toxic and clean, which meets European Rohs regulations. And the waste ones can be recycled, reined and reused.

Quality Aassurance​​

Strict Quality Control Process

– All car start-stop batteries are original from the factory.
– 100% battery management system testing before production by our IQC staff.
– Before your bulk order, we will test our car start-stop batteries deeply to avoid the potential issue on our side.
– All matched chargers will be 100% testing on our side.

Product Services

We provide car start-stop batteries, from 12v 45Ah to 12v 165Ah, to meet the needs of customers. In addition, here also for maximum efficiency.

If you do not find the right product for you, we also provide customized services.

Product Service​


We are willing to collaborate closely with our customers to provide custom solutions for their unique requirements.
Such as private branding, product qualities, color schemes, and packaging.

We are committed to sharing and implementing cutting-edge power station and BMS system technology with our customers.

Factory Atlas​

Factory & Equipments

After-Sales Service

100% after-sales service for your order.



If you have any complaints about our batteries, please contact our after-sales support directly. Your complaint will be resolved within 24 hours.

Battery Repair

If your battery needs repair, you can contact our after-sales service center.

Battery Quality

If you are concerned about the quality of the product, you can always call us and we will provide you with a video review on production and testing before shipping.


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