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Lightest 100Ah Battery Was Successfully Developed

July 10,2022 23:06PM Eastern Daylight Time

 In the era of irreversible vehicle electrification, multinational car companies and large battery manufacturers have increased their investment in the development of next-generation power batteries, setting off a global wave of technological competition.

On July 8, Enli Power Technology Co., Ltd. (including Enpower’s solid-state battery companies in China, Japan, and the United States) announced that the 100Ah lithium metal battery was successfully developed, which is the world’s lightest 100Ah battery.

It is reported that Enli Power’s 100Ah battery for high-specific energy vehicles adopts the special electrolyte/liquid for flame-retardant lithium metal battery independently developed by Enli Power. The nominal capacity is 102.4Ah (0.1C discharge), the weight is 0.821kg, and the mass-energy density is as high as 479Wh/kg, volume energy density 910Wh/L;

The internal resistance is ≤1.0mΩ, and the self-discharge rate is extremely small. Through the 3+3days self-discharge screening, the self-discharge K value of 30% SOC cells is calculated to be ≤2.0μV/h. 1/10 of.

According to reports, Enli Power takes advantage of the respective advantages of China, Japan, and the United States, and through efficient synergy, while developing high-specific energy lithium metal batteries, it further expands the range of product lines. The development of a 12Ah battery for man-machine use and a 50Ah battery for eVTOL is the first to realize the commercial application of lithium metal battery in the civilian market.

Enli Power expects to achieve mass production of 100 MWh-level production lines in 2023, and complete the construction of GWh-level production lines in 2024. In the next eight years, it will gradually achieve a global industrial base layout of 200+GWh before 2030.

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