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The module Pack molding process has a huge impact

For the new battery pack technology, whether it is MTP (Module to Pack), or from CTP (Cell to Pack) to CTC (Cell To Chassis), the trend is that the degree of integration continues to increase. With the launch of blades and Kirin batteries, it has a huge impact on the module Pack molding process in the entire industry.

1.A race around battery pack technology

Nowadays, the degree of customization of battery packs for various technical routes is generally very high, for different models of different OEMs:

  • The performance parameters and index requirements of battery packs are quite different and must be strictly matched with specific models.
  • It is required that the intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicle lithium battery module lines and PACK lines be highly compatible with the new battery pack technology route.
  • It is necessary to improve the current problems such as imperfect production automation, poor detection capability, and weak battery consistency and stability.

2.Technology promotes more possibilities for Pack modules

Following battery factories and OEMs, Hymstar has a deep understanding of customer needs. Facing different battery pack production requirements, Hymstar relies on years of project experience and excellent technical services. , visual inspection and other technologies to promote the progress of the module PACK manufacturing process.

3.Accurate simulation and automation go hand in hand

In order to build a strong simulation capability, Hymstar has built more than a dozen large-scale computing power centers, using 3D simulation technology for process design to carry out assembly process, ergonomics, robot simulation and virtual debugging, and use simulation technology to test equipment to speed up the application of equipment, shorten the research and development cycle, and achieve fast and stable production.

In terms of automation, the application of new technologies such as robotics, laser technology, visual recognition and intelligent compensation technology, automatic tightening technology, and sealing testing technology has greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality of battery modules/packs (PACKs).

4. Modular and design increase productivity

Due to the instability of the module, incoming batteries, housings, PCB boards, connecting sheets, etc. may change and adjust accordingly in response to temporary production requirements. Therefore, in addition to meeting the hardware configuration and process requirements, the Hymstar module PACK design is fully modular and flexible to meet the production line compatibility and the entire line rhythm.

5.The commissioning cycle is shortened and the project cost is reduced

The virtual debugging technology based on 3D model, kinematic simulation, dynamic simulation, programming and control of robot multi-axis linkage, realizes the 1:1 accurate restoration of the real world and virtual production, optimizes the existing equipment research and development process by digital means.

And makes the Lithium battery equipment has achieved new improvements in production efficiency, quality and functional flexibility in advance, reducing on-site commissioning costs, improving equipment delivery quality, improving enterprise delivery capabilities, accelerating market response, and helping customers achieve the goal of expanding production, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

6.Inspection to improve product quality

The laser welding technology has been verified by a large number of experiments to achieve high-speed welding, spatter-free welding, and good welding stability, which greatly improves the mass production efficiency of the production line. The intelligent AI welding system achieves process visualization, monitoring and quality control by acquiring a large amount of influencing factor data in the design, process, inspection, movement and other links.

The module and PACK assembly line links involve laser, inspection, vision, assembly and other fields of technology. According to the development of battery pack technology and a deep understanding of production line needs, Hymstar is based on mechanism modularization technology, robot control technology, welding control and quality inspection technology, visual inspection, intelligent dynamic compensation technology, multi-axis motion control technology, and AGV scheduling.

Technology and other core technologies have formed the outstanding advantages of the module & PACK intelligent manufacturing solution in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

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