Telecom Lithium Battery

48V telecom battery

Products Functions

Our 48V 100Ah/150Ah/200Ah rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery is designed for applications, such as telecom power systems, energy storage, renewable energy, and hybrid power solutions.
It is featured with high energy density, redundant safety design, long cycle life, lightweight, easy to install, maintenance-free, and extensive monitoring and control capabilities.
It is widely used in indoor power and backup systems to provide reliable power for telecom equipment.

Products Benefits

  • 19-inch design and unique outlook
  • Easy and safe to install with gyroscope anti-theft feature
  • Easy expansion with auto address assignment during parallel connection of batteries
  • Long cycle life and service life
  • Modular fan-free design
  • Remote real-time monitoring of battery data
  • Safe and green, environment-friendly
Smart BMS

Core Technology - Smart BMS

  • Synchronized charge & discharge
  • Gyroscope for anti-theft
  • Multiple scenarios compliant
  • CAN &485 dual-channel communication
  • Self-adaptive to different protocols

Relecom Lithium Batteries Comparison

Product Series
Lithium chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Nominal voltage 48V 48 V 48 V
Rated capacity 100 Ah(@25oC) 150 Ah (@ 25oC) 200 Ah (@ 25oC)
Rated energy 4800Wh 7200 Wh 9600 Wh
Cyclelife 4000(Cycles@25oC, 80%DOD) 4000 (Cycles @ 25oC, 80% DOD) 4000 (Cycles @ 25oC, 80% DOD)
Communication interface RS485 RS485 RS485
Cabinetrack size 19”2U 19” 3.5U 19” 4.5U
Dimensions W483(446)H87.5D550(460.5)mm W483(446) H155.5 D550(460) mm W483(446) H201D550(460.5)
Protection level IP20 IP20 IP20
Weight 39.6kg 60kg 73.6 kg
Maximum charge voltage 54.75 V 54.75 V 54.75 V
Maximum chargecurrent 50A 50 A 50 A
Charge currentlimit function 10A 10 A 10 A
Maximum discharge current 100A 100 A 100 A
End of dischargevoltage 39V 39 V 39 V
Charge temperature 0 oCto+55oC 0 oC to +55 oC 0 oC to +55 oC
Discharge temperature -20 oCto+55oC -20 oC to +55 oC -20 oC to +55 oC
Storage temperature -20 oCto+55oC -20 oC to +55 oC -20 oC to +55 oC

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