Power System & Cabinet

power system

Power System

  • Dimension: 442mm(W) x 430mm(D) x 220mm(H)
  • Input Voltage: 380VAC / 220VAC
  • Nominal Output Power: 24 KW
  • Max. Efficiency: 96.2%
  • Optional configuration: controller, rectifier, solar module


Our controller is the latest generation DC power controller developed by MEGMEET. It is based on ARMCortex-A8 CPU, 256Mflash,512M SRAM, and Linux operating system. 

Its offers a more robust, user-friendly, and easy-to-use interface. The controller provides the management function of the rectifier, solar module, wind module, DC/DC module, DC/AC module, HVDC module, diesel, VRLA battery, and lithium-ion battery.

3KW Rectifier

3KW PV Solar Module

3KW PV Solar Module

Outdoor Equipment Cabinet

It is an outdoor equipment cabinet for a wireless site. The equipment space is cooled by 2000W and the battery space is cooled by 300W Air Conditioner. Cabinet is designed according to high grade dustproof and waterproof standard. Standard configuration: two pairs of supporting rails, door open sensor and emergency light. The main equipment space is up to 21U. Compact cabinet structure, floor installation, support lifting and intelligent temperature control system.

Indoor Equipment Cabinet

It is an indoor lithium battery cabinet, which can hold up to 7 x 100Ah 2U lithium-ion batteries. It is designed for applications, such as telecom power systems, energy storage, renewable energy, and hybrid power solutions. It is featured with high efficiency, light weight, fan-free design, and easy maintenance. It is widely used in indoor power and backup systems, and hybrid energy systems to provide reliable power and backup for base station network equipment, remote transmission equipment, and mobile communication equipment.


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