2022 World Battery Industry Expo

Pashbull Participate In The 2022 World Battery Industry Expo

The 2022 World Battery Industry Expo and the 7th Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition will be held at Guangzhou Canton Fair from August 9th to 11th. Pashbull company came to the exhibition, under the vigorous development of application achievements and technical background in multiple scenarios such as new energy travel, energy storage, power, etc., and actively conducted extensive and in-depth with exhibitors and participants from more than 30 countries and regions around the world exchange.

Different from other companies exhibiting with a single module, in the exhibition, Pashbull companies participated in the exhibition with a series of products and solutions such as automotive start-stop lithium batteries, deep cycle batteries, mobile energy storage power sources, wall-mounted energy storage, etc. The battery replacement mode of lithium batteries fully interprets the positioning of green energy system solution providers.

The products exhibited by Pashbull at this exhibition are all “leaders” in the field of new energy, mainly including automotive start-stop product series, deep cycle lithium battery series, wall-mounted energy storage series batteries, and other products.

Among them, the wall-mounted mobile energy storage power supply has built-in high-efficiency power lithium-ion batteries, safe lithium-ion battery management systems, and efficient energy conversion components to ensure that the products operate efficiently and have reliable safety at the same time. The product has the advantages of large energy, strong performance, and fast energy storage. In terms of household energy storage, it can fully meet the electricity demand in scenarios such as household power outages.

Various models of deep cycle series products are suitable for use scenarios such as RVs, marines, and fishing finders. The battery uses new materials such as ultra-pure graphene and is equipped with industry-leading core technologies such as battery protection board, battery controller, circuit design, etc., to establish the performance advantages of longer life, longer continuation, and stronger power.

In terms of lithium batteries, Pashbull exhibited lithium-ion battery products created by a team of experts for starting and stopping cars. Among them, this series is equipped with high-capacity, light, and thin batteries, and uses ultra-light materials, which are both lightweight and durable, and can ensure continuous mileage. It is suitable for a wide range of models and is currently the “hot player” for the new national standard electric vehicle battery.

At present, new energy technology innovation has entered an active period of competition. This industry is taking an important step in the transformation from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a digital, platform-based, and globalized enterprise.

In the course of development in recent years, the company is actively providing lithium batteries and other multi-technology route products and system solutions for the new technology fields of clean energy vehicles and renewable energy storage, which not only realizes the transition of product value but also gives The new definition of the brand has accumulated a strong potential for the upward development of technological innovation brands.

Under the background of the promotion of the “One Belt, One Road” and “Global Economic Integration” strategies, Tianneng actively builds a community of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, accelerates its integration into the wave of globalization, and has extensive layouts in Europe, North America, and Oceania, and continues to increase The strength of market expansion and industrial integration is accelerating towards market globalization, R&D globalization, talent globalization, capital globalization, brand globalization, and manufacturing globalization.

Participating in the World Battery Industry Expo this time is also an important manifestation of Pashbull’s construction of an “international circle of friends” in technology and industry, enabling global users to live a better life with products and solutions.

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