Micro Power Supply

48V 50Ah

48V 50Ah Battery Pack

48V 50Ah rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery designed for outdoor pole/wall-mounted telecom power systems and equipment.
It is featured with high energy density, redundant safety design, long cycle life, lightweight, easy to install, maintenance-free, and extensive monitoring and controlling capabilities.

  • Outdoor pole/wall-mounted enclosure, outdoor environment proof
  • Easy expansion, supporting the parallel connection of batteries
  • Long cycle life and long service life
  • Modular fan-free design
  • Universal installation kits, easy to install
  • Remote real-time monitoring of battery data
  • Safety and green, environment-friendly

Micro Power 3000W

Micro Power 3000W is featured with a die-cast aluminum enclosure, integrated charger, and BMS unit, easy to install and maintain, supports wall- -mounting and pole-mounting, has high load adaptability, supports resistive, inductive, and capacitive load access, and is suitable for carrier-grade applications.

  • Including all the advantages of switching mode power supply.
  • Integrated molding with die-cast aluminum to provide good protection.
  • Flexible and convenient installation, supporting pole- or wall-mounting.
  • Monitoring functions including remote communication, remote testing, remote adjustment, and remote control (optional).
power supply
Micro Power Supply


The Micro Power series DC power supplies are specially designed for the telecom industry serving as power and backup systems with safety features and protection functions such as battery over/under voltage, over current, short-circuit, and over/under temperature. They offer complete maintenance-free and extensive monitoring and controlling capabilities.


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