Reaching the core needs of users

High Manganese Iron Lithium Battery World Leader

Through the combined innovation of materials and structures, Chinese companies are leading a new round of technological change in the global power battery industry.

At the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, China Innovation Aviation officially released the OS high-manganese iron lithium battery, which has become another innovative product for the TWh era.

Gaogong Lithium Battery learned that the battery is based on the underlying innovation of high-manganese iron-lithium materials, combined with the previously released One-Stop minimalist battery technology, and equipped with the latest TPP2.0 technology at the system level. New breakthroughs in various dimensions such as battery life, maintenance, and recycling.

Behind the launch of the OS high manganese iron lithium battery, it is inseparable from the continuous innovation of China Innovation Aviation in the field of battery materials and structures in the past few years.

High manganese has become one of the important evolution paths of the power battery material system, and China Innovation Aviation is the earliest in the exploration and layout of high manganese, and it is also the first enterprise to realize industrialization.

As early as 2014, China Innovation Aviation took the lead in realizing the mass production and delivery of manganese-iron-lithium ternary long-life and high-safety batteries. In 2016, the ternary core technology breakthrough of high voltage and high safety was further achieved through ternary high manganese.

In the iteration of battery structure technology, high integration, high safety, low cost and efficient manufacturing have become the consensus of the industry, and China Innovation Aviation is also a step ahead in this field.

At the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, China Innovation Aviation officially released the One-Stop battery platform technology. , the fourth packaging form after the square, with higher energy density, higher manufacturing efficiency, and higher space utilization.

After more than a year of hard work, at present, the One-Stop battery platform has completed the pilot test, and is currently carrying out the reliability test of the supporting models of China Innovation Airlines.

Liu Jingyu, chairman of China Innovation Airlines, proposed that the sustainable development of the new energy industry must achieve the ultimate balance of energy and resources, energy and safety, and achieve a high degree of integration of design and manufacturing.

Gaogong Lithium battery analysis believes that the launch of OS high manganese iron lithium battery is the core product created by China Innovation Airlines following the above core concepts, and will also become an important product leading the industry in the current industry background facing the TWh era.

1.Reaching the core needs of users

As the penetration rate of electrification continues to increase, how to meet the demand side’s demands for power batteries is a factor that power battery companies must consider when developing products.

Based on this, China Innovation Airlines has made an in-depth analysis of the core needs of users at this stage: the first layer is safety, which is the most basic requirement, and the second layer is economy, which includes one-time purchase cost, use cost, after-sales and maintenance. In terms of cost and other three aspects, the third layer is performance experience, including energy efficiency, acceleration, battery life, NVH, etc., and the fourth layer is environmental protection.

Through a series of bottom-level innovations, CNOOC’s OS high-manganese iron lithium battery can solve the multiple needs of electric vehicle users for power batteries.

In terms of safety, the OS high manganese iron lithium battery is based on the thermoelectric separation technology of TPP2.0, which further improves the robustness of the system’s safety.

TPP2.0 technology adopts the industry’s first thermoelectric separation design, which effectively separates the thermal runaway pressure relief space from the electrical space, and avoids the short circuit of high-voltage electrical appliances caused by the eruption. high.

In terms of economy, the OS high manganese iron lithium battery can greatly reduce the use of lithium on the one hand, and cover more electric vehicles with lower material system batteries, thereby reducing the one-time purchase cost.

On the other hand, based on the optimized design of the OS high manganese iron lithium battery at the system level, more convenient and low-cost maintenance and replacement can be achieved, and after-sales maintenance costs can be reduced by 75%.

Behind this is a series of bottom-level innovations from the materials, and electrodes to the system level of China Innovation Aviation.

At the material level, the cathode material of high manganese iron lithium battery breaks through the upper limit of the energy density of the olivine phosphate system. Through the homogeneous doping of the strongly polarized cation bulk phase, a multi-dimensional high-speed lithium conduction channel is constructed. The radial gradient design of manganese element and the “zero” “The design of the active superconducting interface, together with the construction of a superstable conducting lithium interface. Compared with lithium iron phosphate batteries, the energy density can be increased by more than 10%, and at the same time, the usage of lithium can be reduced by 15%.

At the electrode level, the quantitative design technology of pore microstructure is used to perfectly take into account high compaction and high ions, and to open up the dual-core. Electrolyte multi-stage film formation and high-efficiency repair technology achieve an essential breakthrough in battery life. Based on this, the high-manganese iron lithium battery life of Zhongxin Aviation can reach 2,500 cycles, and the high-temperature cycle life can be increased by 114%.

In terms of cell structure, the high manganese iron lithium battery will be designed and manufactured based on the One-Stop battery technology of China Innovation Aviation. Through many original technologies, including ultra-thin shell wall, multi-dimensional shell molding, multi-functional composite packaging, integrated bridge Technologies such as electrical connection, high shear external insulation, and in-situ dust-free assembly and integration can reduce the structural weight by 40%, the number of parts by 25%, and increase the production efficiency by 100%.

At the system structure level, China Innovation Airlines innovatively realizes space integration, using the combination of the bottom anti-collision space and the pressure relief space, and the highly integrated design of the thermal management device and the box cover, reducing the shared space and improving the reverse space utilization rate 7 %.

In terms of performance realization, the energy density of the OS high manganese iron lithium battery system of China Innovation Aviation can reach 180Wh/kg, which supports electric vehicles to reach 700km battery life with higher energy density, covers a wider range of models, and can be charged and swapped at the same time. Two modes.

At the same time, compared with other technical routes, AVIC’s OS high manganese iron lithium battery can also achieve higher recycling efficiency, and promote the sustainable development of power batteries through efficient recycling of battery materials.

2.OS high manganese iron lithium battery sees the trend of the power battery industry

High Manganese Iron Lithium Battery

Taking the OS high manganese iron lithium battery released by China Innovation Aviation as an observation window, Gaogong Lithium believes that the development of the global power battery field is showing a new trend:

First, facing the TWh era, the power battery industry should pay more attention to the sustainability of development.

Since 2021, the mismatch between supply and demand has led to numerous contradictions in the industrial chain, with frequent blockages, stuck points, and breakpoint constraints. In this regard, upstream and downstream enterprises are forced to build structures that are safe, controllable, more resilient, sustainable, and integrated and collaborative. new supply chain system.

On the other hand, it promotes leading companies to stand in a higher dimension and systematically rethink the development of the new energy industry: it is necessary to systematically propose industrial development strategies based on multiple dimensions such as resource supply, technology, and manufacturing.

In this context, the innovative development concept proposed by China Innovation Aviation can be used as an important reference for the healthy development of the industry in the future.

Liu Jingyu, chairman of China Innovation Aviation, believes that the sustainable development of the new energy industry must achieve the ultimate balance of energy and resources, energy and safety, and achieve a high degree of integration of design and manufacturing.
Second, from the perspective of technological evolution, phosphate system batteries based on high manganese are becoming an important direction for the evolution of power battery technology. In this context, phosphate system batteries will become the battery system with the highest market share in the future.

Gaogong Lithium Battery was informed that in addition to China Innovation Aviation, mainstream power battery companies including Ningde Times, BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Honeycomb Energy, Phylion Power, Ruipu Lanjun and other mainstream power battery companies are increasing the deployment of lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries.

From the perspective of the supporting and selection of domestic and foreign car companies, whether it is international brands such as Tesla and Volkswagen, or new power brands such as Weilai and Ideal, or self-owned brands such as Geely and Great Wall, they are increasing the introduction of ferromanganese phosphate. Supporting application of lithium battery.

Based on safety, cost, performance, recycling and other considerations, coupled with the continuous iteration of battery technology, it is expected that high manganese phosphate system batteries will occupy a larger market share.

As for the OS high manganese iron lithium battery launched by Zhongxin Aviation, it not only leads the battery material system, but also based on the extremely simplified design and efficient manufacturing of the One-Stop battery platform, it will help Zhongxin Aviation to expand rapidly in this field. Market application to increase market share.

Third, from the perspective of global competition, the technological competition of power battery enterprises has begun to change to a combined, systematic and continuous transformation, which poses greater challenges for enterprises.

Facing the new cycle, the diversity and complexity of the global new energy vehicle market is driving the development of power battery technology to diversify. to satisfy the market’s needs.

In this context, the technological competition in the field of power batteries is no longer a single product or technology contest, but a contest in the combined, systematic and continuous innovation and industrialization landing capabilities of technology and products.

As a leading power battery company, in the past few years, China Innovation Aviation has been continuously promoting the industry through diversified technological innovation.
In addition to the OS high manganese iron lithium battery released this time, China Innovation Airlines will also release 350wh/kg high nickel multi-component batteries, 4C fast charging batteries, 6C fast charging cylindrical batteries, and 400wh/kg semi-solid batteries and all-solid-state batteries. , lithium-sulfur batteries and other new system batteries.

The launch of a series of products and technologies has released a signal that, no matter in the material system or the structural system, China Innovation Aviation is leading the development of global power batteries with “world-leading, world-first and world-original” technologies and products.

From this perspective, under the big vision of the global battery competition, the primitive, systematic, diversified and sustainable innovation capabilities of China Innovation Aviation are showing strong growth potential, which will also help its global market. The competition in the power battery market continues to build its own competitive “moat”.

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