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Do You Add Water To Your Deep Cycle RV Battery

Whether to add water to the deep cycle RV battery, in this case, if you don’t have the basic experience in advance, you may be misled.

The battery is the most vital organ of your RV, it powers up all of your electric appliances and helps you do a comfortable RVing. Without any doubt, we can state that battery is the heart of an RV, so we must give special attention to this part of the vehicle.

One of the best ways to keep your the deep cycle RV battery healthy is to never let it get dehydrated.

1. What is lifepo4 deep cycle RV battery?

Imagine you are walking on a hot day for a long time without any water, there isn’t any water tap near nor there are any shops to buy chilled water and all of a sudden you see a freshwater stream, I bet nothing in this world can provide you this joy and almost nothing is better for your body than clean fresh water, same is what is lifepo4 RV battery case for batteries, the heart of RV and almost for any other vehicle.

The refreshing water is very vital for different kinds of deep cycle batteries but one thing you must keep in mind is that not all types of batteries require water. In fact, some of them malfunction or explode if given extra exposure to water, for this reason, we recommend you to go through this article in order to gather sufficient knowledge about watering your deep cycle RV battery.

One of the basic things when it comes to maintaining the RV battery is to keep a special check on the RV water level. Special clean water should be put into the battery to keep the electrolyte completely submerged in the liquid as this water helps to connect different potential electrodes with each other and as a result electrons can flow from one electrode to other.

These days the favorite battery for RVer, campers, and solar and wind turbine users is deep cycle lithium iron phosphate, this LifePO4 battery is considered to be one of the safest lithium batteries because of their overall working chemistry. Moreover, they have outstanding heat-bearing capacity.

But this big question is still there!!

2. Which type of battery requires water?

This is one of the questions which often come across as a new RVer. As there are hundreds of different type of batteries available in the market, it becomes difficult for the RV owner to decide whether their RV battery require water or not. So the answer to this question is quite simple. All types of batteries can be divided into the following two categories.

  •     Flooded batteries (which contain some kind of liquid)
  •     Sealed solid batteries ( they don’t have liquid in them)

If your RV has the latest technology lithium iron phosphate battery and a sealed outer case, then you don’t have to worry about watering. These types of deep cycle batteries are sold sufficiently and require little to no maintenance. Moreover, it is recommended to keep these batteries in dry and humid-free areas. On the other hand, if your deep cycle battery is flooded and contains electrolytes in it, then you have to water it after every few months.

Similarly, if your deep cycle RV battery is not lithium iron phosphate then you have to water it but there are many different safety hazards related to watering your particular deep cycle battery and it is highly recommended for the worker to follow all of the rules and precautions before jumping to bring up the water level of your   RV battery.

You should never fully fill your RV battery with water when it is fully discharged.

deep cycle rv batteries

If the battery is fully discharged and is low on the water level you should put just enough water to submerge each plate and then charge it to half after that you can add a few more ounces of water to bring the water level close to upper water lids. If the battery is already charged then you can fill it up with water in one state.

If you encounter any spill during the process remember that the water is highly toxic as it contains poisonous sulfuric acid and moreover its chemical characteristics change as it gets heat due to charging and discharging, which makes it even more toxic.

Any splash on the body or in the eye can cause serious problems which is why we always advise all of our customers to take safety measures seriously.

This is also one of the reasons why Pashbull manufactures the world’s safest battery pack made of lithium iron phosphates which don’t require any water.

The deep cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries are completely sealed and are totally dry from within.

So, as compared to other conventional which require a special tray or battery compartment, this LifePO4 can be directly mounted anywhere or in any direction, you can even mount them upside down, but it’s not recommended to mount them upside down.

The deep cycle RV battery has to experience the technology of precipitation. While showing its treasures, it is clear that the key advantages of being moved by it are ranked first when purchasing.

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