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Comparison Of Car Start-Stop Batteries

Comparison of car start-stop batteries is about whether you can get good driving experiences and care about the long-lasting cost-effectiveness on the road, so you are faced with the choice of different car start-stop batteries.

Stop Start battery made of lithium ion battery is not an ordinary battery, it is a technology that is getting popular in modern vehicles. The best energy-saving science miracle which helps a great deal in less consumption of fuel consumption and emanation of (which eventually helps in making our environment clean) by automatically turning off the engine when the driver applied full brakes or the rpm drops down to zero.

Here’s your guide to understanding the technology and a comparison of car start-stop batteries between different lithium-ion start-stop batteries, which will help you to choose the right battery for your vehicle:

1. What is the car start-stop system?

Modern vehicles equipped with this unique stop-start system have the capability to detect the motion of the vehicle, it can detect the throttle speed and can store information about when the vehicle is moving or running and then this information is used to shut down the engine in order to reduce non-environmental friendly gas emissions and fuel consumption. This technology work in such a way that vehicles no longer have to waste energy on green signals as it reduces the unnecessary idling of the engine.

2. Why can’t we just use a simple battery?

Automobiles with new Stop-Start technology in their engine require specially designed powerful lithium iron phosphate Stop Start battery. If we use conventional batteries for example lead oxide or GEL, they would not be able to fulfill the required energy demand, and attempting to use one would only cause premature battery failure.

Stop Start batteries, especially lithium iron phosphate are specially manufactured to handle the charge-discharge cycle, and also they have the ability to handle high power surges which occur when the car is frequently starting and stopping in a heavy traffic region.

These surges are of high energy and they put high pressure on the battery. Not only the battery is frequently charging and discharging its the main role of powering up all the vehicle elements is also to be fulfilled. That is one of the main reasons why the new automobile industry is asking every vehicle to switch to a powerful Stop Start battery.

Moreover, short-distance traveling presents a challenge for the battery. In addition to this in winter when the temperature is below zero, one thing the driver worry the most is battery failure in the morning, but the start-stop battery has the ability to provide surge energy to the engine. This can result in the gradual discharge of the battery so that at some point, the battery no longer has enough energy to start the engine.

Due to the special technology, the internal resistance of lithium batteries remains considerably lower than that of conventional batteries over its entire life, so that sufficient charge acceptance is also ensured over a long period and short journeys with many start-stop phases can be better overcome with iron phosphate batteries.

comparison of car start-stop battery

3. Comparison of car start-stop batteries

3.1. 12V 45Ah Car Start-Stop Battery 

The 12 volts/45-ampere hour’s lithium iron phosphate battery has an excellent cold-start characteristic. Lithium ion batteries provide a large cold start current. With their 12 volts, they have the ability to powerfully start the starter motor.

Moreover, it is designed by our trained scientists has made the cycle of batteries very stable as a result the engine can be switched off and started again at different short times, without worrying about whether either the engine will start again or not.

The LifePo4 battery is relatively compact as compared to other high-power batteries as they are designed for moderate vehicles like sedans, their size is 197*128*200mm and they weigh only 4.26 kg, their compact size and less weight make them most suitable for the sedan and compact vehicles that don’t require bulk energy.

As stated earlier our research engineer never comprises on safety as a result of a special safety mechanism with a proper battery charging management system circuit installed in it that keeps an eye on the charge level of individual battery cells. it is recommended to store these batteries in areas where temperatures don’t rise above 40℃.

3.2. 12V 60Ah Car Start-Stop Battery 

The 12 volts battery having the ability of 60-ampere hours can be used in modern tech vehicles with the latest stop-start technology and its Balanced state of charge. This battery also known as an Advanced level of the start-stop battery is specially designed to meet entry-level stop-start technology requirements.

This iron phosphate battery is an enhanced version of the standard lead-acid flooded technology with 600 A cold cranking current running through the hot and cold terminals.

The 12 v 60 AH lithium battery is more durable, and it allows a more consistent flow of power. Moreover, it has deep cycle capabilities (meaning it can dip deeper into its capacity without losing performance), faster recharge capabilities, and improved cycle life.

In modern vehicles, the lithium iron phosphate battery is not only charged by the generator but is also fed by the braking energy recovery system. Lithium-ion batteries have a better response to absorbing the energy which is generated by recuperation. These lithium ion 60AH batteries can be operated in the partial charge range and therefore provide sufficient “extra” capacity to store the energy which is generated on braking.

The 60AH start-stop battery weighs a little more than 45AH having a weight of 5.76 kg and size 244*176*190mm. This parameter makes this battery perfectly suitable for modern vans or omnibus. It has more than 3000 cycles and can be discharged up to 90 percent without breaking down its performance.

3.3. 12V 90Ah Car Start-Stop Battery 

The 12v 90 AH power monster has a high reserve capacity. The high standby capacity helps and makes sure to supply the power for all types of electrical components installed in the automobile. This iron phosphate start-stop battery can be installed in modern VR and modern ambulances.

The high cycle stability of lithium iron phosphate technology ensures the power supply to all important components while also providing a high starting power which is important especially when the vehicle driver is frequently applying brakes. Even if the battery is not fully charged the battery will handle all the surges and will have the capacity to perform a number of charge-discharge cycles, because, for example, keep in mind that even when the engine is switched off when the driver applied the brakes all the other electronic circuitry remains active to provide the comfort that vehicle owner needed.

This energy monster weighs up to 7 kg and has a cross-section area of 230*174*200mm, it is also available in a 244*176*190mm storing environment just as same as other batteries. However, its cold cranking current is 900 A. 

Making this battery pack is most suitable for modern mini busses with a special start-stop mechanism. As this battery is used in larger vehicles and for high energy consumption areas, it has a special battery management system for safe charging and discharging.

3.4. 24V 165Ah Car Start-Stop Battery 

In the 24-volt category, one of the most dominant start-stop battery packs made with lithium phosphate technology has a capacity of 165 AH. The everlasting battery set is suitable for almost all kinds of work and for any kind of vehicle, equipped with a start-stop system.

This is the most advanced example of lithium iron technology, with the lithium absorbed into its thick electrode material rather than remaining as a free-flowing liquid.

The lithium iron phosphate battery is maintenance-free, fast charging, has a high power output, improved cycle life, excellent charging-discharging cycle properties, and can continue to deliver high cranking power of up to 1815 Ampers (the kind of power needed to kick start the heavy vehicle engine) even with a very low state of charge.

The bulk energy storage battery pack has dimensions of 520*269*220mm, which is comparatively larger than any other battery pack manufactured by Pashbull, the outer case is rigid enough to bear any kind of strike but it is recommended to keep it safe under 40C.

This beast can weigh up to 30 KG making it the heaviest battery, but if we compare it with its capabilities of charging and discharging on spot with zero wastage of energy, without any doubt this battery pack can be considered one of the best battery pack available in the market.

This 24 V/ 165 AH Lithium iron phosphate has excellent thermal and chemical stability, This battery’s outer case and the internal mechanism are specially designed in such a way that it stays cool in higher temperatures.

It is also incombustible when it is mishandled during rapid charges and discharges or when there are short circuit problems making it the safest battery pack. With this lithium iron phosphate start-stop battery, you don’t have to worry about any safety issues as it is equipped with the world’s best BMS that keep eye on its charging and 
dis-charging procedure.

24V-165Ah-car-start stop-battery

Things to remember!

Start-stop systems in a car mean that the car has the ability to charge and discharge the battery on the road, this requires a swift mechanism, moreover, charging and discharging cause huge noise and surges which is not good for the battery, and conventional batteries should never be used in such car.

Along with charging the battery should have enough strength to power vipers, indicators, AC/heater and other require modern technology gadgets.

The electrical system of new automobiles is made in such a way that they demand unique batteries that can work properly under high surges and fast on and off cycles.

For this reason, Pashbull power scientists have developed a special start-stop battery technology that can easily handle all these complications.

It has the best Battery Management System (BMS) installed which keeps the charging and discharging in one flow. And can save big accidents by avoiding overheating in the vehicle.

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