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Top 10 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In World

The top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers in the world worldwide continuously invest in development and research to produce lithium ion batteries with much-enhanced efficiency. Recently, lithium batteries are gaining popularity due to their greater power density, longer life cycles, lower self-discharge rates, and lower maintenance costs compared to nickel-cadmium batteries.

The lithium ion battery industry is booming, and for a good reason. Globally, the lithium ion battery market value grew to $ 39.41 Billion in 2021. Lithium ion batteries represent a rechargeable battery that is most used in portable electronics and EV vehicles. The electrochemical storage device comprises a cathode, anode, and electrolyte that you don’t have to discharge to recharge completely.

1. Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC)

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Zama city, Japan

AESC is the leading battery technology manufacturer across the globe. The company specializes in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. With multidisciplinary applications and AIoT-Driven innovations in battery technology, the company creates scenarios to assist electric vehicles in participating in the renewable energy eco-system.

It offers a dynamic balance to enhance the development of clean and new energy in the EVs industry. In addition, the company focus on solving problems for a sustainable future and promoting the de-carbonization revolution via AIoT-designed battery solutions.

2. Samsung SDI Corporation Limited

Founded: 1970

Headquarters: Yongin-Si, South Korea

Samsung SDI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of lithium ion batteries across the globe. The company has a strong presence in three key areas: chemicals, energy, and electronics.

Samsung SDI produces small-sized lithium ion batteries that are used in many products, including electric vehicles, laptops, power banks, wearable devices, power tools, vacuum cleaners, garden tools, e-scooters, e-bikes, and smartphones.

3. LG Chem Limited

Founded: 1947

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

LG Chem is a science-oriented major player in the lithium ion battery industry, producing value for its wholesalers. The company is a subsidiary of the conglomerate LG Corporation and produces a wide range of battery products. Since its establishment, the company has rapidly grown through numerous innovations and challenges.

It exhibits a well-balanced and globally competitive business portfolio, including life sciences, advanced materials, petrochemicals, and various subsidiaries specializing in the production of lithium ion batteries.

4. Panasonic Corporation

Founded: 1918

Headquarters: Kadoma, Japan

Panasonic is a well-known Japanese electronics company previously called Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. In 2008, it changed its name to Panasonic Corporation. It manufactures a wide range of lithium ion batteries adhering to consumers’ requirements, such as backup batteries for emergencies and main batteries for use in small devices.

Due to the unique and advanced Panasonic technologies, the batteries are lighter and thinner for use in various devices, including laptops, notebook computers, and mobile phones. The batteries can be utilized in electric vehicles, electricity storage systems, especially those with solar power generation, the backup base for smartphones, and various industrial usage.

5. BYD Company Limited

Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

BYD is one of the major manufacturers of rechargeable batteries globally. The company produces lithium ion batteries, NiMH batteries, and NCM batteries. It has developed more than 30 industrial parks on six continents. The company has played a pivotal role in various industries such as rail transit, electronics, new energy, and automobile.

It has a strong presence in the automotive and energy storage markets. The company provides zero-emission energy solutions, from energy generation to storage and applications.

lithium ion battery manufacturer

6. Toshiba Corporation

Founded: 1875

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

The company is a Japanese conglomerate that offers a wide range of products and services, including electronics, industrial equipment, and infrastructure systems. These systems include railway transportation, power transmission and distribution, photovoltaic, automation and security, environmental and water, POS system, and building.

The company also produces high-powered and high-energy lithium ion batteries for various applications, including electric vehicles, laptops, and consumer electronics.

7. Hitachi Limited

Founded: 1910

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Hitachi Limited has developed lithium ion batteries characterized by high output, long service life, and safety. The company’s batteries are used in various products, including electric vehicles, power tools, and consumer electronics. The battery is highly preferred by eco-friendly cars due to its unique feature of high charging efficiency and memory-effect-free functionality, unlike Nickel-metal hydrate batteries.

Currently, the company is developing batteries with high durability, extended functionality, and safety, and they are cost-effective for automotive applications in hybrid buses, small-size trucks, and railway vehicles.

8. BAK Group

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

BAK Group has emerged as a new energy enterprise with EVs, lithium ion batteries, and battery recycling as its core line of business. It possesses downstream and upstream industry clusters in China integrating production, research and development, and marketing of lithium ion batteries and EVs, including Zhengzhou BAK Battery and Shenzhen BAK power. Also, the company has subsidiaries in India and Europe, with offices in the United States.

9. Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Corporation Limited

Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Tianjin, China

It’s a high-tech business under the control of private shareholders and state-owned companies. Since its establishment, the company has grown to produce a capacity of 10GWh, and for years it has enjoyed a significant market share in the global lithium ion battery industry.

The company is determined to provide total energy solutions such as power, photovoltaic, prismatic, ultra-capacitor, six product categories-cylindrical batteries, and thousands of models. It offers applications covering a wide range of new energy transportation, electronics, and energy storage systems.

10. Amperex Technology Limited (ATL)

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

ATL is a famous innovator and a lithium ion battery producer globally. The high-tech enterprise manufactures high-quality lithium ion battery cells and system integration solutions. Also, it provides advanced technologies, top-notch services, and production capacities.

The company is working closely with world-renown battery chargers, smartphones, notebook OEMs, tablets, robots, vanguards, drones, smart technologies, and power tool specialists to assist the world in connecting better, making life easier, and last longer.


As the world progresses, the demand for lithium-ion batteries will continue to increase. When buying, you can consider these are the top 10 manufacturers of such batteries in the world. In addition to this, you can also consider fast-growing growth companies such as Pashbull, etc. Because growth companies have the advantage of diversification compared to top manufacturers, the value and popularity they provide will continue to grow in the future.

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