Choosing The Right Partner

On June 18, 2022, pashbull company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with upstream companies, and pashbull lithium battery company reached a long-term cooperation agreement with the upstream industry chain

Due to the sluggish downstream demand and the shutdown of the upstream industry chain due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the price of battery-grade lithium materials continued to decline, casting a shadow on the future of the lithium industry.

Outdoor activities are booming now, new energy policies are implemented around the world, and the number of vaccinations has increased significantly. Demand for portable power stations, solar panels, and lithium iron phosphate batteries will continue to increase.

In the process of cooperation, it is ensured that the material production process is rigorous, and the products have been tested by authoritative institutions and meet international standards. The product has stable performance and good quality and can meet the needs of battery products for a long time.

Lithium battery companies have reached cooperation agreements with upstream companies in the supply chain to jointly develop the market. The two parties will cooperate in production, technology, brand promotion, etc., to achieve resource sharing and risk sharing, and create a win-win situation.

choose the right partners

The company’s chief marketing officer said: “Prioritize your successful suppliers to find a large number of options for your lithium batteries.” On the road to commercial success, choose a partner who can perfectly solve your difficulties, because they can listen to your voice and provide the right solution for your product.

The company said in a statement that the move will help lithium electronics manufacturers meet market demand for their final products. The statement also stated that the company will continue to explore more strategic cooperation opportunities, optimize the company’s production and operation system, promote the company’s sustainable and healthy development, and better serve customers.

Lithium battery technology is changing with each passing day, but lithium demand remains unchanged: whether it is lithium cobalt oxide LCO for 3C consumer electronics batteries or lithium iron phosphate LFP for power batteries, the basic principle of ternary lithium NCM and NCA is still based on the positive and negative electrodes.

Lithium remains an indispensable basic element for different lithium battery technologies. At the same time, new pre-lithium or supplementary lithium processes will also bring new increments to lithium demand.
Therefore, with the increasing demand for lithium, the company is looking for stable partners to ensure an orderly supply of products and comply with market laws.

Finally, the two sides will cooperate in depth to achieve a win-win situation. Pashpull company will provide consumers with better products and services, and create a green and low-carbon ecological environment home.

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