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Best Solar Generator for Refrigerator 2022

Are you want to desire to have the best solar generator for refrigerator at emergency and embarrassing times? A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in a home. If the power ever goes out for an extended period, it might mean you have to throw out food worth hundreds of dollars. As a result, it is important to have a backup power option for when the grid goes down. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to power your fridge when the grid is not an option.

1. What are the emergency power solutions for refrigerators?

  • Gas Generator

One of the options to power your generator when the grid goes down is a gas generator. A 2000-watt generator is big enough to keep your fridge powered in case you do not have access to mains power. Modern gas generators are relatively quiet at just 52 decibels. However, the generator can make a lot of noise when used indoors, a situation that means your resident will one day complain about you.

  • Car Battery with Inverter

Instead of a gas generator, you can combine a 12V deep cycle battery like the one in your car with a power inverter. A power inverter will convert the DC power from the battery into AC power.

For this setup to work, the inverter needs to be big enough to handle the power demands of the fridge. It entails estimating the battery’s capacity, and how much power the fridge draws. In most cases, you will need an inverter that can deliver 1500 watts of continuous AC power, and 3000 watts of surge power.

  • Solar Generator

Another best option for powering a fridge is a solar generator. The reason for long-term option why the best solar generator for refrigerator charging. This is the result of a series of well-founded analyses. It is quiet and noiseless when it operates, it can recharge the refrigerator under your careful planning, and it can best realize the green concept of today’s era. This is a storage device that is powered by the sun. It can store enough power to power the fridge for a few hours or a whole day depending on how large it is. Below is a bit more about solar generators.

2. Can solar energy power a fridge?

The short answer is yes, a solar generator has enough juice to power your fridge. Modern solar generators are designed to power appliances as large as a fridge or even a freezer. They are a reliable power backup option in case one is going camping in a remote area, or the place they live often experiences power cuts. Using a solar generator ensures that you do not have to worry about losing food you worked hard to purchase.

3. What factors should be considered if the best solar generator for refrigerator?

There are several types of solar generators available in the market. If you are planning to power your fridge with a solar generator, you will need to find one that is reliable. Some of the things you should check are:

  • Wattage

Wattage is one of the most important metrics you should check when picking your solar generator. The wattage refers to the overall power capacity of the solar generator. As wattage goes higher, it also means that the generator can power more devices at once. When picking a solar generator for your fridge, pick one with a wattage of 2000 watts or higher.

  • Voltage

Voltage is another important metric you should check when picking a best solar generator for refrigerator. The voltage rating defines what type of device can be connected to the power generator. In general, solar generators come with numerous outlets, which have different voltage ratings. Ensures that you pick one with an output port of 110V, which is the voltage used by most fridges.  

  • Warranty

Another important consideration is the warranty. While it does not determine whether a fridge will be powered or not, it can speak to the quality of the generator. A low-quality solar power generator will come with bad warranty terms or no warranty at all. Even when purchasing your solar generator from a reputable brand, ensure that the warranty terms are favorable.

4. What size solar generator do you need to run a refrigerator?

To determine what size of a solar generator you need, you need to know how much charge it can hold. For instance, if you have a 500-watt refrigerator, it will use 500 watts of power per hour. A solar generator with a capacity of 5000 watt-hours can run the fridge continually for 10 hours before it is drained.

However, fridges do not run continually. As a result, their power estimate is made by how much power they consume in a year, or 365 days. Dividing that amount by 365 will tell you how much it uses in a day. When buying a solar generator, you should over-prepare. Ensure that it can hold enough power for 2-5 days. The reason for this is that sometimes the sky could be covered in clouds, which means that it might not be charged daily. Having one that has enough capacity for up to five days is the best option.

5. How many watts of the best solar generator for refrigerator?

On average, a full-sized fridge will consume around 1500Wh of energy in a day. However, if you have a smaller one, it could consume just 700Wh per day. To run a fridge using solar panels, you will need solar panels with a capacity of at least 400 watts. The exact amount of solar power you need will depend on how much energy the fridge consumes, and your location.

6. Can you purchase a smaller generator to power small devices?

The short answer is yes. While you will need a large solar generator to power your fridge, you can buy a small solar generator to power small appliances. For instance, you can use it to power cell phones, laptops, LED lights, a mini fridge, and a small TV of fewer than 45 inches.

With a 300-watt solar generator, you will have enough capacity to power these appliances for several hours every day. It is a great option for a camping trip where you need to power a few devices while far from the grid.

7. Is there the best solar generator for refrigerator?

The short answer is yes, there are plenty of solar generators out there that have enough capacity to power a fridge. They are big enough to power the fridge for up to five days or more depending on how much power your fridge consumes.

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