Portable Power Station 300W H Series

Product Weight: 3KG
Material: PC+ABS
Operating/Storage: 45-95%
Humidity: 0-40℃/32-104F
Certifications: FCC,UL,PSE
Type Lithium-ion Battery : Lithium-ion
Voltage: 22.2V
Capacity: 296Wh/80000mAh
Cycle Life: ≥800
DC Input Port: 10-25V/5A,60W Max
Carport: 12V-16.8V/10A,120W
QC USB-A Port : 5-12V 18W Max
USB-A: 5V/2.4A Max
USB-C PD Port PD 5-20V/3.25A,Max 65W
PD 5-12V/3A,Max 18W
2*DC output 12V-16.8V/10A,120W

H Series Portable Power Station 300W

Main Points

Product Advantage:
1. Support a variety of jack-class products with integrated charging.
2. Portability to provide power, lightweight, and mobility.
3. Support AC and DC charging and discharging functions.

Product Application:
Portable power station for UAV photography:
When outdoor drone photography, the energy consumption of the machine will be used over time will go over. To ensure that electrical equipment can be charged, a portable energy storage power supply can solve the problem of power difficulties. The maturity of the electric core technology will allow you to use electricity more safely.

H power station 300watt

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